PIE Success Stories (1996): PIE Success Stories Round 7 - Laurie Usher

PIE Success Stories (1996): PIE Success Stories Round 7 - Bainbridge Island Watershed Watch

Date 1996

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The Bainbridge Island Watershed Watch worked with the Bainbridge School District and the Bainbridge watershed planning committee to develop water quality curriculum for the schools.

Project Design

Watershed Watch integrated Bainbridge Island School District curriculum with the Bainbridge Island watershed planning process. Project staff organized a Watershed Resources Education Fair to provide school teachers, community and resource people with a forum in which to share ideas and experiences. Students and community members received information through presentations, field trips and hands-on restoration projects.


Watershed Watch brought watershed knowledge and resources into the classrooms of the Bainbridge Island School District. Educators now have the tools to continue watershed education on their own.

Bainbridge Island teachers (including home-school parents) gained the tools, curricula, materials and workshop experiences to enable them to continue watershed education and monitoring projects. Those who did not participate directly can find information and resources at the newly created watershed resources section in all of the school libraries.

All Bainbridge Island schools received equipment for monitoring water quality and identified sites to begin monitoring programs. Teachers learned about agency resources available and established contacts so that monitoring data will be included in agency databases.

A newsletter called Watershed Watch News was published and distributed and local and school newspapers carried articles on the project.

More than 850 students, 25 teachers and 55 community members participated in the project. Teachers were paid for approximately three hours of planning time to prepare for their classes.


“Through this program, my class has a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting wetlands and watersheds. They also understand how to read a topographical map and how to produce a three-dimensional model of a land formation.” — Mary Madison, fifth grade teacher

Sponsor: Bainbridge Island School District, 8449 Madison Ave., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, (206) 842-2229
Coordinator: Laurie Usher, Brent Peterson
PIE: $9,000
Additional Funds: $21,195 from U.S. EPA, plus approximately $10,000 from Bainbridge School District, City of Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island Land Trust and Key Bank
Estimated Volunteer Hours: 1,005
Timeline: June 1994 - April 1995
Target Audience: Students, parents and other residents of Bainbridge Island
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